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Video of Tango school tangoinprogress in Rome

Video Tango Argentino Performances


The Videos Tango Argentino Performances of the school tangoinprogress were filmed at the end of the tango classes held by the school and during the performances of the Masters who periodically came to keep refresher courses, workshops and seminars At our school.
Also published are the videos of the performances of the Masters who participated as guests at the international Tango Festival of the city of Rome ROME TANGO MEETING

The Tango courses in Rome are held by Carlo Paolantoni and Deborah Finamore.
The Masters of the performances and the various editions of the Festival are Carlo Paolantoni and Deborah finamore, Mariano Chicho Frumboli, Juana Sepulveda, Sebastian Arce, Mariana Montes, Damian Rosenthal, Celine Ruiz, Fabian Salas, Lola Diaz, Rodrigo Joe corbata, Lucila Cionci, Carlos Espinoza, Noelia Hurtado.

Video Tango Argentino Performances



Among the schools of Tango Roma LA Tangoinprogress It maintains the didactic principles of these great masters, whose aim is the diffusion of Argentine Tango in the world at 360 °
Without limitation of styles, in order to provide students with a complete and comprehensive view of the Tango, allowing them to face any milonga, with any style, anywhere.
We believe that a dancer of Argentine Tango, to define himself as such, must have a wealth of knowledge that allows him to dance in any milonga, either this Milonghera or Tango Nuevo, both traditional and not.
In fact, if a dancer is taught only one style and one perspective, he is denied that ability of adaptation and improvisation that instead is typical of this dance, putting at the same time in difficulty and forcing him to defend his Faults as if they were virtues, without Tango Argentino Steps.
It is unfortunately from this didactic error of many schools in Rome that the closed groups are born, that they divide more and more and less and fewer unite with the others.
The Tango instead is socializing, curiosity, the desire to discover new things and people to go to dance Tango in Rome tonight