The Tango School in Rome from 2006

Tango School in South Rome and Rome Eur


Argentine Tango courses in Rome South and Rome Eur

These are the Tango schools in South Rome and Rome EUR where you can find us with courses and workshops, always check in the events calendar and on the main page to know the exact calendar of the Tango lessons.


Coffee Palombini at Eur
P. Le K Adenauer 12 – Eur

The School of Tango in Rome Eur from 2006, are held: lessons of Argentine Tango, lessons of milonga, lessons of Vals, minicourses of Milonga, thematic workshops on Tango, lessons on musicality.
The Thursday night turns into milonga becoming the Querer!
Before the evening a free Tango lesson is held for all levels

Argentine Tango School in Rome Eur, at Caffè Palombini


Fountain Salon
Via Ciro il Grande 10 – Eur

Monumental space of South Rome that has welcomed for years the international Festival of Argentine Tango ROME TANGO MEETING With masters of the highest international level.
There have been many Tango schools who have sent their teachers to study and update themselves on teaching techniques.
The Tango lessons continue to be held at the Fountain Salon by Tango School in Rome Tangoinprogress, which continues its didactic teaching.

Among the Tango schools the lessons at the Fountain Show are unforgettable


Rome Tango Center
Via Baldassarre Castiglione 49 – Montagnola

Multipurpose Centre in Rome Sud where numerous Tango schools hold their courses. The Tango school Tangoinprogress holds a monthly workshop the last weekend of the month, a thematic work of 150 minutes on a single theme. The Tango lessons in question welcome many students who want to deepen their skills and who also come from the planet Sport.
At the same structure we also keep a practice that depending on the occasion can be free or guided.

One of the schools of Argentine Tango where the tangoinprogress keep the courses


A curiosity!
Why do you always use uppercase when you write about Argentine Tango?
Because since 2009 the Argentine Tango has been declared by UNESCO a intangible cultural heritage of mankind!
For us tangoinprogress, members of the International Dance Council of UNESCO has been a great achievement!


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