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How to choose your Tango shoes


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Our best ally in Tango, the one with which we interact most of the time is the floor of the ballroom of the Milonga , and the shoe is our means of communicating with him.
If we decide to go for a walk one afternoon in the center we will choose comfortable shoes, the same attention must be there when you choose the Tango Shoe, in which we spend long evenings to dance.
The shoe is the tool that allows us to dance at our best, to have balance and helps us to maintain posture.

But how do you choose the shoe?

Our first purchase will definitely be after a few Argentine Tango Lessons, we will try on the Internet and buy a model that we'll like or maybe our choice is dictated by the price, in any case we'll probably make an uninformed purchase risking to find ourselves with a shoe that does not help us, indeed the opposite is true.

The first thing that strikes us in a shoe is rightly the aesthetics, the tango shoes are a world of colors and colorful materials, glitter and glitter, are beautiful!

Men's Shoes

Argentine Tango shoes for menmen will have only closed tango shoes of classic or sporty cut, with skins of various colors and sometimes with skins printed with different motifs.
The shoe for the man must be enveloping, must close the foot without tightening it, not be short or too long and the sole must not be indented with respect to the shoe, otherwise the edge of the foot will tend to descend to the side to the track leading us to a Wrong posture.
Another important thing is the sole, which in the part of the arch must be resistant and rigid, possibly with a metal reinforcement, to support us and give us stability in the movements.
the heel for men usually 3cm to get to 5cm, avoid the heels that reduce the size down and inward of the shoe.



Women's Shoes

Argentine Tango shoes for womenfor Women , the discourse is broader, much broader.
They have open and closed spikes, closed heel or sandals, wide and tight heels, long or not long, and the colors are endless!

At the beginning we said that the thing that will strike us the most is the aesthetics of the shoe, we will have attracted the combination of colors, gloss, the overall line of the shoe, but to make our first purchase we do not have to stop here, we need to understand Now if the shoe we like so much is good for us.
First we have to check the sole, which must be flat, it might seem trivial to say but many dancers who complain of the little balance dance on shoes that do not have.
the shoe must be stable, it is your contact with the floor, if you staggers you will do it too.
Put the shoe on a plane and push it lightly on the side, if it swings two or three times to stop then it is fine but if it continues or even the swings increase then it means that the sole is not stable, avoid it.

The sole

The sole must present in the part of the plantar arch, as for the men, a reinforcement that prevents the torsion and that supports the foot during the dance.
the leather sole is perfect for parquet floors or tiles, but also for floors that are not exactly as perfect as those that can be found in the clandestine or popular milongas.
If you put your Tango shoes home before you go to Milonga, as the Argentines do, then they are the only choice.
the sole in suede Buffalo, or Bufalina, are more delicate and should be worn in the milonga.
They are suitable for marble, wood or slippery floors in general.

Shoes with rubber soles are to be avoided.
Personally I find also uncomfortable the soles "stains" or those where the soles are changed according to the floor.
If your shoes will ruin the soles there is no problem, take them from a cobbler that will replace it according to your needs.


The heel

Women's Shoes Rome

The heel can vary between 4 and 10 cm, the higher the higher the leg but, of course, has less stability.

Check that it is in harmony with the rest of the shoe, well centered on the heel and that it is not too spiked, you have to dance not to go to a dinner!
A low heel is less glamorous but guarantees you more security and stability, if you are in the beginning is perhaps the best choice, waiting maybe to become more experienced.
Training or studio shoes are usually closed with a low heel and a spool.


The coating

Be careful when you choose the lining of the shoe: it must not scratch and must not hold, because otherwise will be your legs and your socks the first victims, risking even to make you stumble.
Avoid sequins if possible.

The shoe with lacquered finish is very beautiful, but you must be aware that if you dance with a man also with the shoes lacquered then it is very probable that the two shoes, in contact, will attach to each other by blocking your feet.
Same thing when you join your feet.
If you can not do without the shoes you make a habit of putting Vaseline in the sides, so as to create a veil that will not make them attack.
Once you choose your shoes you must try them to see that sock perfectly, do not have to tighten but not even be too wide.
For this reason we go to try the tango shoes in the late afternoon or in the evening in Milonga, when the feet are already slightly swollen.

The foot should not slide forward and not play in the heel, in case you insert a slab or a gel pad, which will help you keep your foot still.

Attention: The Tango shoes are addictive

And while you choose your shoes online listen to the Tango music

The shoes used in this article are BANDOLERA TANGOLERA

The tango clothes are ROSSASPINA