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Approaching a Tango course for the first time

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Approaching a Tango course for the first time


Tango CourseA Tango course?
We have always thought of the Argentine Tango, listening to the music of an advertisement, seeing a movie or on television shows where it competes in the dance.

We listened to him, saw, even thought every time we saw in the car the advertisement of the Last Tango show staged in the city.

In fact, however, we have always lived as a thing that is part of the panorama, there is, but it is there, taken for granted, we see flyers and advertising of courses and schools but also those are lost among thousands of other flyers, other things that we assume that there are but That don't attract our attention.

Maybe someone might have thought of imagining himself dancing a Tango, with a wonderful woman with a dizzing gap, or with a Latin dancer with a manly charm.


"The Random Choice"

Then comes that day, that you do not know what happened but it is there, a call, a chance meeting, two words between friends said almost muted, a sentence whispered and dropped there, almost by accident.
"I sign up for a tango school, are you coming too?"

The instinctive answer is certainly "a school of what?" while you imagine a middle ground between Rodolfo Valentino with the rose in his mouth, Richard Gere in shall we dance, or Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

"A School of Tango, Argentine Tango, however, not that Zum pa pà"

We nod, as if we had understood, but in fact we still did not know that it is a dance that divides into many different realities, all under the name "Tango", and nodding we heard within us that little Tango School RomeQuiver... "All right, I'm coming too!"


"Course number 400"

Maybe instead we have already tried everything, from salsa to Kizomba, from flamenco to scamper through Pizzica and yoga.

"I do not know what to do, I am undecided between a course of tweak and one of burlesque, but if I have an hour free I also put a course in Tango"

To choose the school you rely on expert knowledge, the friend who already dances and who can recommend the best school in the city, with the most talented teachers, where he himself went for well an internal year and now already dances as a professional.

At the test lesson in this case we introduce ourselves, clothes all the way from casket with a lot of shoes of paint bi-coloured bought for the occasion, we are already dancers of all that you Can dance and the tango does not scare us.


Tango course, Milonga Tango"Do you have an advanced course?"

Yes, you understand, here we are looking for a course for advanced students, "but weren't we talking about who's approaching for the first time?" you ask, and I answer you, but there are also those who, having done classical dance as a child fifty years ago , thinks he has the necessary preparation to jump all the beginner's courses (too easy), the intermediates (they are not capable) and to the advanced course.
If this is our approach we will usually be blocked already by the first phone call and the tango course we forget it.


"Serial Testers"

Here the watchword is "trial lesson", we could imagine it as a water fountain in the middle of the desert, drink and you never have enough.
We are like a truffle dog on search engines, any lesson, any school in Rome, as long as trial and free is good, everywhere and with anyone, we can go on for months, repeating always the same lessons, always test.

"Operation Coupon"

If we are in the vortex of low cost packages at this point we will sooner or later in the tango, because of really cheap offers for a tango course there are many.School Tango Argentino Rome

On average the cost for a single lesson is around 1 euro to reach 70 cents in extreme cases.

If we are regulars of these offers we know that we will meet a level of teaching appropriate to what paid (little pay little demand), followed by assistants who dance perhaps for a year more than we, in classes probably crowded.

But it doesn't matter, if you finish the package, you buy another one, maybe Zumba.



Let's remember that the tango has its Rules To follow, his story to be respected, his Culture to deepen.
Approach on tiptoe, full of curiosity and with an open mind and know how to give you fantastic emotions.