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Tango dresses, clothing for the Milonga

Tango dresses

Tango dresses, clothing suitable for going dancing in MilongaHow to dress to go dancing?

Here are the tips for an Argentine tango outfit suitable for going to milonga, some advice on the tango outfits to go dancing.

The first thing that strikes the Tango It is the sensuality of the woman, her soft and energetic gestures at the same time, the movements emphasized by the cloth of the dress that moves with her accentuating the motions.
A dress that exalt the femininity, sensuality and elegance of the ballerina.

The tango allows us to express ourselves as we think, a small game in which we use the body and the dress to get down in the role of Tango dancer, sinuous and never trivial.

The hours spent in front of the mirror and the clothes hanging in anticipation of an exit in Milonga They conclude, inexorably, with the same question:

"How am I going to dress for Tango tonight?"

Argentine tango dresses, RossaspinaWe want to be beautiful, be noticed, dance all evening but the clothes, we do not want the clothes that we always wear, it is true! We always repeat the same thing:

"I have nothing to put!"

There are women who do not have many problems in this regard, and for this under we envy them, but for us it is not easy to choose the right dress, which reflects our mood of the evening.
Tango Dresses, Rossaspina

We do not just choose a black dress, which for goodness sake is always good, but maybe we give a contrast to something, a scarf or a band, maybe with colors that in spring and summer emphasize our tan.

The key thing to remember is that there are no precise rules on how to dress in Milonga, and you probably already have at home what you need to improvise a look suitable for you.


Not to mention that now many milongas offer a corner for shopping dedicated to women!
We can try, even without buying, clothes and shoes not to finish.

Tango dresses, tangoinprogress shopIn this regard we pay attention to the Shoes and how to choose them, they must be beautiful but especially stable and comfortable, especially for the Argentine Tango Lessons, we'll have to stay over a long time!


Tango dresses, black, tangoinprogress Shop

Choose soft clothes, not too long or tight, never over the knee to prevent movement.
Even a pant is fine, as long as it is not tight, in fact, enough attention to enhance your body and you can dress well to go to Tango dance, without necessarily showing too much bare skin.
The Argentine Tango, let's remember, is sensuality but it shuns too sexy situations, so we avoid dizzying cleavings and miniskirts.


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