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Faitango is an association that aims to promote the Tango Argentinian in every aspect: dance,
Music, poetry, culture, history. The Association undertakes to exercise with lealtè its own
Activities by observing the principles and rules of sport in order to safeguard the
Educational, popular, social and cultural sports.
Faitango ASD also wants to assert the originality of Argentine Tango, distinguishing it from
Imitations and stylistic derivations born thereafter.
Faitango ASD in particular aims to protect such dance as it is practiced in
Countries of the Rio de La Plata and its authentic characters that have as a basis the improvisation.
The promotion of cultural and sports activity is aimed at all age and is the objective of
The promotion of goodwill to the sport of young people of while is less than
18 years and of the people who have more than 60 years, to make it understood that the tango did not
It's for everyone.
The achievement of the purpose is implemented, inter alia, through contacts and cultural exchanges,
Artistic, economic and social with different countries of the world.
Faitango ASD also aims to perform a coordination function between the various
Argentine Tango associations existing in Italy.
The association is based on volunteering and has no lucrative purpose.
Faitango undertakes to comply with the rules and regulations of the Coni and the
Sport promotion to which to decide to join, its statute and its regulations.

The Associaizone allows, through its own card, the access to the activities of all the associations under her, so also the tangoinprogress allows the entrances to the Milonga or the Argentine Tango Lessons With the Faitango card.


The Faitango site of tangoinprogress

Carlo's page, as Musicalizador, on Faitango

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