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Tango Argentino free Beginner courses in Rome

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Tango School in Rome


Argentine Tango Beginners, free lessons for the new courses first steps


Given the great success of the 2017 meetings and the requests received, we decided that the new students will be able to participate for free in a lesson of the beginners course, even if already started, and will be joined by our assistants to be put in Condition to conform to the rest of the class.



The introductory lessons to Tango are always very entertaining and exciting moments!

We always start by explaining what is the tango, a little of its history and how it has changed over time, because it is a dance that has a great history behind it, has its rules and you have to understand why
These have been handed down in time and are also functioning in our days.

At this point the teachers of the school perform in a tango, to show the style that we teach and demonstrate the result that we will tend to achieve.

Immediately after we begin the lesson itself, with a didactic approach designed to put at ease who, approaching for the first time, is afraid to get involved!

The class proposes the very first rudiments of Argentine Tango, to break the ice and to establish the first relationship with the masters who then will follow the class throughout the year.

At the end of the lesson we explain how the regular courses work, the activities of the school in the territory of Rome and the inscriptions are opened, which will be in equal number between men and women for
Avoid long waits during classes due to excessive gender imbalances.

Argentine Tango
The basic form of the beginner courses held by Tango in Progress is the Tango Argentino style Salon, with the use of unstructured didactics typical of a modern evolution, which allows students to gain greater fluency and ability of improvisation respecting tradition and the rules of dance in the hall.

The meetings will be held at:
Coffee Palombini
P. Le K. Adenauer 12