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Orquestra Typical Victor

Thetypical Orchestra Victor represents a unique case, in fact it never rang in public, but passing on a great repertoire of the highest quality.

The label Victor commissioned in 1925 the pianist Adolfo Carabelli to form the typical orchestra which, by its nature, picked up over the years the greatest musicians for each instrument, contributing each one to create what was a lasting phenomenon of myth.

Among the musicians who played in the typical Victor we can list names such as Angel D'Agostino, elvino Vardaro, Carlos marcucci, Pedro Laurenz, Anibal Troilo.

The singers who accompanied the Orchetra have equally glorious names: lita Morales, Angel Vargas, Osvaldo Moreno, Francisco Fiorentino.



The direction of the orchestra passed in 1936 to Federico Scorticati and in 1943 to Mario Maurano.


The estimate of the recordings of the typical Victor is 444 songs, including many waltzes, fox-Trot, Ranchere, pasodoble, but very few Milonghe!

The quality of the musicians and the performances remained always of the highest level but in the years ' 40 it was now in full age de Oro.


With orchestras that were formed every day and with the great orchestras of Troilo, D'Arienzo, D'Agostino, di Sarli, Tanturi, Fresedo and Laurenz who recorded with the house Victor, the latter did not feel it necessary to hold a proper orchestra on its feet.


On May 13, 1944 was recorded their last song, The Vals "sobre las olas".