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Día Nacional del Tango

Día Nacional del Tango

Día Nacional del Tango

National Tango Gionata


The día Nacional del Tango is celebrated on the 11th of December each year in Argentina.

This celebration was established with the aim of highlighting the importance of tango in Argentine culture and the date itself was chosen in homage to the date of birth of the tango singer Carlos Gardel (1890 or 1887) and the conductor Julio de Caro (1899).

By the initiative of the author and composer Ben Molar, with the support of numerous associations, was presented in 1965 the request to set up the Día Nacional del Tango at the Ministry of Culture of the city of Buenos Aires, which was then accepted in 1977.

The associations that participated:
Sociedad Argentina de Autores y compositores (sadaic)
The Sociedad General de autores de la Argentina (argentores)
Sociedad Argentina de Escritores (SADE)
The House of the theatre
El Sindicato Argentino de Músicos (Sadem)
La Unión Argentina de Artistas de variedades (UADAV)
The Academia Porteña del Lunfardo
Radio Rivadavia
The Fundación Banco Mercantil
La Gardeliana
The Asociación Argentina de Actores
The Asociación Amigos de la Calle Corrientes


Tango is one of the most characteristic expressions of Argentinian culture and includes music, dance and poetry.
The Tango community includes musicians, composers, worders, singers, dancers, choreographers and teachers.
In 2009 it was declared Intangible Cultural heritage of mankind.
In the nomination of UNESCO, the tango is described as "An example of the process of cultural sedimentation" and "social transformation over time".

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