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Carlos Gardel, born in Toulouse, France on 11 December 1890 as Charles Romuald Gardes, was the son of an unknown father and Berta Gardes, who gave him his surname.
In 1893 his mother moved with him to Argentina and lived in the vicinity of the Mercado de Abasto in Buenos Aires, Carlos from that moment was always reminded "El morocho del abasto".






Brought as a child for singing he went around the neighborhood to sing in restaurants and meeting places, to get to become the singer of several coffees of the Abasto.

In 1912 he formed the duo Gardel-Razzano , with whom they played several guitarists with whom he held a repertoire of popular music, thanks to which they were called to record at the Casa Taggini for Columbia.

At the end of 1915 Gardel receives a gunshot to the lung, the bullet remained inside him for a lifetime.

In 1917 he began singing Tango at the Teatro di Buenos Aires with the tango "Mi noche Triste" by Samuel Castriota and Pascual Contursi, from this moment Gardel increasingly included tangos in their repertoire.

His film debut was in 1917 in the silent film "Flor de Durazno", and that year also marked the beginning of their tours to South America and Spain, which lasted until 1923.

In 1924 he returned to Buenos Aires and sang for Radio LOW Grand Splendid and recorded for the first time singing with the orchestra of Francisco Canaro.
A year later he would be accompanied by Osvaldo Fresedo's orchestra.
The 1925 marked the end of the duo Gardel-Razzano, Carlo Gardel becomes a soloist and begins to record Tango tunes with the new electrical systems, innovation of that period.




In the next ten years around America, and Europe, performing in the best theatres, recording for the best record labels and singing in several films that made him immortal to the general public, between January and February of 1935 sings in the Movies "andl día Que me quieras"and"Tango Bar"its most memorable tango successes.


On 23 June 1935 he sang for the last time in Colombia, the morning after his flight rushed and ended his life.
The Last Tango sung by Gardel was "Tomo y obligation".


There is a saying to Bueno Aires who says that "Gardel every day sings better", which is to witness the love that the Argentine people still try for his greatest singer.

Also famous is his smile, "the Smile of Gardel" that many Argentines still boast to have today.

Thanks to his success in interpreting it Carlos Gardel was the one who made famous La Cuparsita  (Read the article)