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El Tango es a sad pensamiento que se baila

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School where you can learn and appreciate the tango, initially the tango salon and then the Tango Nuevo, very good Carlo and Deborah who know how to teach at every level and by degrees, recommended to everyone!
David Crescenzi
David Crescenzi
21:22 07 Jan 18
It is difficult to review only the professional aspect of this wonderful tango school without being conditioned by the feelings, the affections born and raised over time with the teachers, but also with assistants and pupils of all the classes. It's an excellent tango school, but not one of the magical ones that promise you to turn into a professional tanguero in a few months of course. Here we teach, with professionalism and experience to fall in love with the tango and when you are in love you are happy, happiness that you find in the smiles of the students tangoinprogress when they dance in Milonga starting from that of the school, or the mythical querer on Thursdays!
Francesco Bertolino
Francesco Bertolino
09:55 06 Jan 18
"The Tango can not be known: you hear it or you do not hear it" and live it together with Deborah and Charles and all the students and friends of this school can not describe but you have to try 😀
The A
The A
12:47 05 Jan 18
I'm in this school for the second year. The professionalism and skill of the Masters Carlo and Deborah is to emphasize
Anne Lamberti
Anne Lamberti
11:13 05 Jan 18
I started this discipline just out of curiosity last year and I was immediately kidnapped by the Tango, beautiful and therapeutic, definitely merit of Charles and Deborah and their teaching.
John Pappadia
John Pappadia
18:15 04 Jan 18
The School of Charles and Deborah in my opinion is a great opportunity to discover the magic of Tango. The lessons are very cared for, various and always offer the possibility of deepening.. The Milonga Querer, is a real gym, to mature and study the techniques to move in the room with safety, respecting the codes imposed by etiquette. All in a jovial and relaxed atmosphere, which together with the professionalism and contagious sympathy of the Masters, makes everything easier.. Richard Manduchi
Richard Manduchi
Richard Manduchi
13:55 04 Jan 18
I have been in the environment in Rome for 10 years and in very few places I found myself at home as in the school tangoinprogress of Charles and Deborah. Warm, professional and welcoming environment, which stimulates improvement through evolution, as the very name of the school suggests.
Maria Simona D'Aquino
Maria Simona D'Aquino
13:41 04 Jan 18

Argentine Tango School Rome


Tangoinprogress-Argentine Tango School in Rome-Logo

We organize regular courses, Milonghe, workshops and the international Festival of Rome, one of the most important after those of Buenos Aires.


The question we all make? How to dance the Argentine tango

From 2006 in addition to regular courses we propose minicourses of milonga and Vals, workshops and lessons aimed to deepen individual themes.

In Beginner Courses And Intermediate The Salon style is taught using the didactic destructured already from the first lesson, in order to give a base of 360 ° to the pupils, who will be able to follow every style.
The greatest attention will be focused in these first years, starting with Absolute Beginners, awareness of movements, dissociation and softness, as well as the basic figures of the Salon and Milongo styles.
To bring the interested people together we periodically propose Argentine Tango Lessons Free

In Advanced Courses We propose typical figures of Tango Nuevo, Thus concentrating each lesson on the projection of the pair, the stability of the axes, the corporal dissociation and movements.
Already from the first lesson, attention is paid to dissociation and equilibrium, to allow students to continue the course profitably.
We are convinced that every single lesson is important, and that all together should be an organic path for learning.
To allow our pupils to be able to dance in a quiet and comfortable environment, we have opened from 2005 a milonga that attracts dancers from all over Rome who come to share with us the same passion.
Our milonga is called "Querer"And it's open every Thursday! And before the milonga there is always a free lesson! by our school!
Look at our Gallery


The Association includes:
– The School of Rome Sud, based at Caffè Palombini, with weekly stable courses throughout the entire year, from September to mid-June.
– The organization of the Milongas at the Caffè Palombini and the saloon of the Fountains, with free lessons at the beginning of each evening.
– Thematic stages, mini-courses, practices and lessons focused on individual dynamics, forming study groups from time to time.
– Courses in the milongas of Roma Sud and Roma Nord with communication on social networks and here on our website.

The activities are aimed at members only. The application can not be made at the entrance of the evening and must be carried out at least 24 hours before being able to participate in our activities. The request can be sent online from this site, in the section Useful pages


We manage a weekly mailing list with which it communicates to its associates its activities to which they can participate, alone or accompanied by their guests.

Work in progress: We are preparing an app for Android and iOS where you can be informed more quickly about our courses. For the moment don't worry because our mobile site is already at the forefront for speed and security.

You're looking for a milonga to Dance Tango in Rome tonight?
Visit our page dedicated to the Milongas of Rome!

We thank the coffee Palombini Eur
For the hospitality and welcome that is reserved for us and our associates!


Tonight in Rome I'm looking for a milonga, I took lessons and I want to dance on the notes of a bandoneon in my new shoes, more or less I know where you dance, I searched the pages of events and I know that maybe from palombini EUR or Fountain Salon There'il be an evening. It's my first experience after the lessons on YouTube, they are useful pages but they don't explain everything, they give you just an idea of what will wait for me tonight.

My dance shoes are ready, and so am I, come on, the milonga awaits us!
Tango Argentino Steps And dynamics, hugs and smiles. 

Are you curious about history, traditions, rules and culture? Visit our sections and read our articles that will offer you an overview of what is a Milonga, what is and how does a Bandoneon, what is the Etiquette And his rules for checkers and for man, to manage the space and the people around you.
So all you can do is to not look like an orangutan when you go dancing!
You will also find sections dedicated to Music and to Video, where you can begin to familiarize yourself with this fascinating world, to understand the meaning of being a tanthe!
Remember that what we dance is not the same as you see dancing with the stars!

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Argentine Tango School

The "Solo Tango Orchestra" at the Querer

El Choclo

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Querer – milonga in Rome


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La Cuparsita

Día Nacional del Tango
Osvaldo Zotto Mora Godoy asi se baila el Tango salida Basic


History and culture


Thetypical Orchestra Victor represents a unique case, in fact it never rang in public, but passing on a great repertoire of the highest quality. The label Victor commissioned in 1925 the pianist Adolfo Carabelli to form the typical orchestra which, by its nature, picked up over the years the greatest musicians for each instrument, contributing each one to create what was a lasting phenomenon of myth. Among the musicians who played in the typical Victor we can list names such as Angel D'Agostino, elvino Vardaro, Carlos marcucci, Pedro Laurenz, Anibal Troilo. The singers who accompanied the Orchetra have equally glorious names: lita Morales, Angel Vargas, Osvaldo Moreno, Francisco Fiorentino.